The Journey

Seema Pai

Seema Pai seeks to rediscover life in her fifties.

Besides being a successful businesswoman and an agriculturist, Seema has been an amateur rock climber, mountaineer and hiker. She has pursued running and cycling at the recreational level.

Challenged at many junctures in her life in society, engagement with the outdoors was relief for Seema. She loves the freedom that comes with being out in the hills and mountains. Attached to the outdoor community of Bengaluru and frequently out on trips with her friends, by late 2018 she had climbed the highest peaks on three continents, besides several long hikes done in the Himalaya with high passes crossed and modestly high summits gained. Another four high peaks on four continents and she will complete Seven Summits, a challenge in mountaineering that requires climber to reach the highest point on each continent. Climbing is expensive; expeditions require resources. That’s why Seema, till recently maintaining a low profile and known only to her friends, decided to start this website. She seeks any assistance the world can offer – particularly sponsorship – to help her complete the Seven Summits challenge and hopefully, projects beyond.

Seema does not look at Seven Summits as an end in itself.

She sees it as a milestone.

The journey continues.