Why Not At 50?


In human ageing and its perception by us, the forties signify middle age. The fifties are clearly beyond the forties and hence beyond middle age. Yet we don’t wish it to seem old. Wish – that is the key word. For in as much as we all age, there are also those among us who treat age as just a number and spread that lightness around. On the one hand, to gather years is to definitely become old. On the other hand, as Malcolm Gladwell explained so well with his 10,000 hours rule, the more you do something the better you become at it. So the more you live, shouldn’t you know better what life is and how to live it? One may be tiring physically. But one may be gaining other insights for added efficiency – for example, you probably know what works for you, what doesn’t; what baggage to haul, what not to. It is like traveling. Do you ever stop listening to the old traveler? As she turns 50, Seema wishes to make a sincere attempt at Seven Summits. She does not want to prove any point or challenge human ageing and mortality. She wishes to stay happy doing what she likes to do. And if she can, inspire others to follow their dreams and be happy. Why not at 50?